Declan catches Adam with his pants down!

Adam’s been looking over his shoulder ever since he decided not to resist Mia’s many charms – and he gets the fright of his life when he finds Declan watching him. He’s scared – and he should be. Declan told Adam to keep his hands off Mia after he found out Adam had also had his hands all over Ella. So Declan is furious when he catches Adam helping himself to a beer after helping himself to Mia. The deal was that Declan wouldn’t tell Mia about Adam’s betrayal as long as Adam left Mia alone. Now that deal’s off, Declan tells Mia everything.

Cain and Amy have a deal: he takes her to the abortion clinic and she gets rid of the baby she’s carrying – his baby. Victoria tells Cain that she won’t let him take Amy to the abortion clinic on his own; she’s going with them to give Amy some support. Cain’s not happy, but he can see that Victoria won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

David should have learned to say ‘no’ to Leyla. Now he’s drowning in debt and flailing around for a lifeline. The only solution is to sell the shop or the cleaning business.