Declan continues to fight dirty

Hell hath no fury like a man who has found out his daughter’s boyfriend was shagging her mum, too – and has then found out that the same daughter isn’t actually his. That man is Declan and that’s why he’s really messing with farmer John and his farmhands – because the lad who sinned against him is Adam, John’s son. Knowing that John is struggling, Declan offers Andy a job on his estate – right in front of angry Alex, who also needs work. And Declan fights even dirtier when he quietly makes Moira an offer to buy back the farm.

Having agreed to let Bob move in with the twins, Hazel’s now worried about what Aaron will think about Bob living in the house where Jackson lived and died. Aaron’s not giving much away, but it’s clear that he’s not nearly as happy as everyone wants him to be.

Nicola’s struggling, too, as she tries to adapt to the new Jimmy. Where’s the man who said ‘yes’ to everything she wanted just to have a quiet life? He’s gone, girl! And Nicola tells Jimmy she’s trying to accept this, but it isn’t easy…