Finding out that Mia’s not his daughter broke Declan’s heart, but he wouldn’t break her heart by telling her. Instead, he sent her away with his father because he couldn’t bear to have her around to remind him of the awful truth. Trouble is, it was just as painful to have her gone. Now he’s given in to his feelings and asked Mia to visit. But it’s not her who turns up at his door, it’s the police – and it’s bad new. Mia has been killed in a car crash!

Talking of car crashes – that’s what Debbie and Cameron’s relationship is looking like these days. Everyone in the village thinks Debbie and Andy are back together and Cameron’s yesterday’s man. He goes to see Debbie, but she’s determined to stick to the plan and doesn’t want people even seeing Cameron at her house. Ouch!

Moira doesn’t want to be seen with Cain, but she finds him everywhere she looks – especially in the pub. Cain’s loitering as Moira finishes her shift and Diane notices the tension between them. Surely Cain’s not Moira’s secret lover, she thinks. Oh, yes, he is! And Diane knows it, really. Just like Cain knows Moira is struggling to resist his, er, charms…