Cups of tea will be spilt all over the nation as viewers jump up and cheer when nasty Nathan gets what he has had coming to him for a long time: a right hook from Declan. It’s a TV moment worth recording so you can enjoy it again and again. The punch-up (a very one-sided affair, really) happens when Nathan thinks Declan is showing too much interest in the Wylde family affairs and takes a swing at him. Nathan hits fresh air, though, and Declan decks him. Natasha’s next… Declan hits her with everything he thinks he knows about Mark’s murder, but Natasha denies everything. Disappointed, Declan wipes his hands of her.

Moira isn’t ready to give up on Holly, but she does think it’s time to use some tough love with her druggie daughter. Determined that Holly won’t steal from them again, she changes the locks to their home. Farmer John’s outraged – bottom lip at full thrust – but Moira insists there’s no room for thieving Holly in their home.

Life at Mill Cottage isn’t exactly happy, either. Carl wants to play away at home, but dirty flirty Eve thinks that’s taking things too far. Oh, she does have some limits then…

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