Declan doesn’t get everything his own way

From what we’ve seen so far, Declan’s a man who gets what he wants – which is bad news for Rodney, Doug and Leyla. After a lot of huffing and puffing – and a sizeable amount of stirring by Nathan – Natasha agrees with Declan that the farm shop isn’t paying its way and agrees to close it down. And Declan’s so pleased he tries to kiss Natasha! But she’s happier sealing the deal with a verbal agreement and nicely tells Declan to keep his lips to himself… for now. If they are going to mix business with pleasure, says Natasha, they’re going to do it slowly.

The doghouse farmer John turned out to be at Andy’s house and he wakes up there wondering if he still has a marriage. Unable to face Moira, John turns on Cain the whistleblower, telling him he’ll get even one day. Meanwhile, frisky filly Eve is reined in when she comes face to face with Moira in the cafe and is sacked on the spot. Will that keep her away from John?

Bob and Gennie are two other villagers who should stay away from each other… There’s an awkward moment when they discuss Gennie and Jamie’s plans to move away, but they wouldn’t do anything silly – would they?

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