What was it Adam said to Ella, when she threw a tantrum because he didn’t have time for her when Aaron needed him? It was: “You and your loose knickers are yesterday’s problem.” But now Ella and her loose lips are very much the problem. When she hears Declan sacking Adam because Adam sacked Mia she starts running off at the mouth, saying enough for Declan to work out that his hired help had been helping himself to Ella.

Gennie wishes Chas would keep her mouth shut, too. It was on Chas’s advice that Gennie declared her love to Nikhil. She didn’t expect him to feel the same way (well, not immediately) but she didn’t expect him to laugh, either. Knowing what’s happened, Jai sets up Nikhil and Gennie for a chat, but Gennie has nothing to say. On the plus side, Nikhil’s not laughing any more. He actually feels bad about how he behaved.

Leyla’s behaving badly, too. She seems to have learned nothing from her previous money troubles. As her bills pile up, she’s planning her wedding – and raving about it all to a jealous Alicia.

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