Declan finds Richard – but it’s too late

Although he’s aware that Richard is dying and seems remorseful for what he did to Rebecca, Paul isn’t convinced that Richard’s regret is genuine. So he makes the decision to conceal Richard’s true location from the Napiers, who are desperately worried that he is on the loose.

Later, Oliver and Declan go to the hospice and manage to establish Richard’s whereabouts. They end up confronting their dad, which brings Rebecca and Paul to the hospital. Years of fear are put to rest when Richard makes a deathbed confession and apologises to Rebecca. But when Rebecca discovers that Paul kept such an important piece of information from her, it’s clear this they have a few things to discuss…

The effect of Rachel’s affair with her teacher leaves the Kennedy household in turmoil with Susan and Karl blaming themselves for Rachel and Zeke’s uncharacteristic recklessness. Meanwhile, Libby plays big sister to Rachel in an effort to mend her broken heart.

Also, Janae is devastated to see the effect that her relationship issues are having on Mickey and realises that she needs to take a step back out of his life.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday April 23*

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