Declan finds who he’s looking for!

Declan was warned to mind his own business – by Megan and by Katie. But he couldn’t resist minding Megan’s very private business: Robbie. He hired a private dick and the dick has done his job – he’s found the son Megan gave up for adoption. Good news! Or is it? Megan’s furious when Declan tells her what he’s done, but Declan insists her son is there for her to have, she just has to make the first move. Declan leaves Robbie’s contact details with Megan and now she just has to decide whether to use them or lose them.

Cain is minding someone else’s business, too: Cameron’s. Cain’s at the garage when Chas pays Cameron a visit and Cain sees how Cameron looks at her. Uh-oh. If there’s one thing Cain recognises it’s lying and cheating and he’s got a tiny inkling that the business that Cameron says is keeping him from Debbie is funny business.

Nicola is minding Elliot – Jimmy’s business – and she’s not happy. Jimmy’s gone off to enjoy a round of golf and thinks his son will be just fine with his crazy wife, who hates the fact that he had a child with Kelly, the tart with no heart…