Declan gets a big shock!

Bridget confesses all to Rebecca, who shows compassion and understanding. She advises Bridget to tell her family and Declan as soon as she can, so she can get the support she needs.

Meanwhile, Ringo’s past eating disorder is causing havoc on his ability to cope with the gruelling AFL try-outs. The coach suspects something is up but Declan is not prepared to dob in his mate and risks his own AFL career in the process. When they go through one last test in the try-outs and pass, the coach tells them they are both in the team, pending a medical evaluation. But Declan’s great news is short-lived when Bridget shows up to tell him she’s pregnant.

Lucas and Dan are preparing to race. The boys go head to head as their loved ones look on. When it comes to the crunch, Dan plays by the rules so as to not repeat mistakes of the past, and Lucas wins. But Lucas accuses him of backing off and letting him win, causing another fight to flare up between them. When Steph and Dan knock some sense into Lucas, the brothers’ 10-year feud finally thaws and Dan gets the girl – and the wedding of the year is back on!

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