Declan goes for counselling

Declan is sent to a therapist for post-traumatic stress counselling but he refuses to accept it and lies to Rebecca that he’s feeling fine following his kidnap ordeal. When Harold expresses his relief that Declan is back after running away, Rebecca doesn’t contradict him, giving Declan the impression that his abduction is something she’s ashamed of.

Meanwhile, Oliver sees Declan struggling to deal with his anger and suggests he find a physical outlet for it. Misreading Oliver’s advice, Declan returns to Nick and Laura’s caravan and trashes it. Finding a can of kerosene, Declan is considering setting the van alight, before Oliver arrives just in time to stop him.

Determined not to spend the rest of her life confined to a wheelchair, Bridget works hard on her physiotherapy and is pleased to be discharged from hospital. Steve and Miranda try to be supportive, but Bridget ends up feeling suffocated by all the attention.

Mickey is thrilled at Jake’s apparent recovery but continues to blame Janae for poisoning his dog. Janae is heartbroken when Mickey rejects her efforts to make friends again, reminding her that she’s not his mother.