Declan grieves for Bridget

Everyone is worried about Declan’s state-of-mind on what would have been Bridget’s 18th birthday. Rebecca forces Declan to face his grief… it’s his late wife’s 18th birthday and he needs to look after the most important person in his life, Indy.

Kate apologises profusely to Donna for letting her believe Ringo was back for a reconciliation, but Donna’s not mad at her. She’s mad at herself for being selfish and forgetting her friend’s birthday. From now on it’s all about Declan’s needs.

Kate struggles to know where she stands or what sort of support she should be giving Declan on this day. Lou gives her some advice that makes her realise she needs to pay tribute to Bridget as well, so she visits Didge’s grave. When Declan finds Kate at the cemetery he can’t cope, he needed to be with Bridget on her birthday, not Kate. And he can’t help but feel that he’s betrayed Bridget.

Using Kyle to drive Rebecca and Paul apart, Andrew convinces Kyle to suggest private book-keeping lessons with Rebecca. Kyle’s more than keen… but there’s a shock in store for both of the boys.

Callum still refuses to engage with his Dad about the baby. And self-help parenting books aren’t much use. Who else to turn to for advice than Lou?

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