There could be a wedding in Emmerdale after all because Declan wants to marry Katie! Mind you, that’s after she’s dumped him. Katie’s decided that Declan shuts her out so often she may as well just stay away for good; she doesn’t want to end up bitter, twisted and doing lots of wine-fuelled whining like Ella. Gennie and Nikhil support her, but Declan’s having none of that. He comes knocking and tells Katie he has a question for her: will she marry him? Ha! She didn’t see that coming!

There’s more trouble for Jai that he didn’t see coming, either. The demon Dingle Cain is still using Priya to get at Jai – and it’s working. Cain’s at Holdgate Farm with Priya when Jai tells his sister that he’s cancelled his wedding to Charity. Cain leaves happy, but Jai’s angry. He wants Priya to stay away from Cain, but she won’t. During a furious argument Jai grabs Priya and she falls. Charity’s horrified by how far Cain has pushed Jai – and he hasn’t stopped pushing yet.

Val’s trying to pull her family together by adopting Amy. Pollard still has his doubts but Val is positive that Amy will make a bonny daughter. Except she doesn’t know Amy’s pregnant.