Declan hits Megan

Declan’s trying his best to stop Home Farm from going under. And he thought he’d done just that when new client Gil arrived on the scene expressing interest in buying up Declan’s entire portfolio of Emmerdale properties. But the juicy deal came to a halt when Katie’s name was discovered on the deeds for Dale Head. Now back to skint square one, Declan’s in a right state, and when he hears Robbie’s been meddling he takes his anger out on Megan. His loyal sister is sent flying across the kitchen with the ugly power of his force.

David couldn’t be happier when Priya informs him she’s keeping the baby. But by the looks of it, she’s hoping for more than just sharing the parenting with her ex.

The stress continues for Jai as he fumbles about in the wreckage of his marriage. With Charity now in the know about her husband having fathered Rachel’s son, she’s walked out. While Rishi tries to take the blame, Jai knows it’s his own fault.