Rebecca is being interviewed, but she doesn’t want to talk about Paul’s affair. Toadie angrily bursts in, infuriated that Detective Brennen started without him and Declan is angry that Diana dropped Rebecca in it to get the police off her back.

Desperate, Declan arrives at Harold’s and asks Kate to tell the police that she saw Rebecca at home last night. When Kate realises he is asking her to lie to the police, she refuses. Diana enters and Declan accuses her of pushing Paul. When Diana points out that there are a number of people who could have done it, Kate tells her to get out.

Following her run-in with Diana, Kate agrees to speak to the police to help Rebecca. She tells Declan that when asked about his relationship with Paul she told them the truth and that the police told her about his criminal past, stealing cars and assaults. She asks him if he pushed Paul – and he strongly denies it.

When Declan goes to make his statement, Detective Brennan informs him that he’s just had some interesting results. Some of the blood on Paul’s jacket belongs to someone else. Following this Detective Brennan asks Declan how he got the cut on his hand.

Meanwhile, Donna and Ringo discover they’re sharing their honeymoon with a ghost!

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