Declan is finally found

Rebecca refuses to give up the search for Declan when the police retire for the night, and Paul and Oliver agree to help her continue the hunt. Rebecca is given hope when they find Declan’s necklace on some train tracks, and finally manages to find her delirious son, lying feet from the side of the track. He’s taken to hospital, but his only concern is Bridget’s welfare.

When tests reveal Bridget’s entire left side is paralysed, Miranda and Steve are devastated and lie to Bridget, promising her that the paralysis isn’t permanent and can be fixed with physiotherapy. But Bridget senses that something is wrong and questions Riley, who tells her the truth about her condition. Struggling with her diagnosis, she refuses to see Declan in her weakened state, leaving him heartbroken.

With Mickey clearly upset about recent events, Janae persuades Ned to have a father/son chat about life, death and other emotional issues while doing some gardening. All goes swimmingly until Jake eats a box of snail poison. Steve is called – but it’s touch and go as to whether Mickey’s dopey dog will survive.