How could she do it? That’s what Declan wants to know. How could Ella play away at home with her own daughter’s boyfriend as part of her sick game to get Declan’s attention? Well, she’s got his attention now! And so has Adam. Declan tells the boy that if Mia ever finds out what Adam did with her mother then Declan will destroy the farm business John is busily building up. Uh-oh. Now Adam has to tell John everything. At least he’s not thrown out of his home. Declan is determined to get Ella out of his life – and that starts with getting her out of his house.

At Declan’s village house, Dale Head, Social Services want to collect all the equipment Jackson had to help him cope. Hazel’s not ready for this, though and doesn’t want to let them do their job. It’s Bob who helps her let go of a bit more of Jackson…

David and Leyla take a big step, too: they set a date for their wedding. Valentine’s Day 2012 is the big day – if David remembers it. He certainly didn’t remember to get to the jeweller on time for Leyla’s engagement ring.

*Second episode*

With Home Farm no longer her home, where’s Ella going to go? There’s a room for her at Holdgate Farm, says Jai. She can stay the night while Declan calms down. Except Declan isn’t calming down. He’s told Mia what her mother did but not who with and he storms over to Holdgate and makes it clear to Ella that she’s gone too far. Hmmm, looks like she’ll be stopping at Jai’s place for more than the one night.

Alicia doesn’t want to stop in Emmerdale at all. She wants some excitement in her life and Diane tells her she should go out and make things happen. And that’s when Alicia gets the idea to emigrate. Andy’s got a grandmother – Annie – in Spain and Alicia’s sure they could have a great life out there.

Victoria’s life is very much in Emmerdale, even though she feels Alex is messing her about. Amy has an idea: she’ll try to seduce Alex and if he falls for her well, then, Victoria will know he’s a wrong ‘un. Trouble is, Alex knows about the plan. He sends Amy packing and tells her to tell Victoria he’s not that kind of guy.

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