When Declan returns to work, Rebecca and Paul babysit India. Paul struggles but eventually finds he enjoys spending time with the baby. However, when Declan arrives home and realises that Paul didn’t sterilise the baby bottle, he lashes out. Rebecca makes Declan realise that he is being unreasonable and he later apologises to Paul.

With the rift healed, they head out for dinner together as a family. But Declan’s anger resurfaces when he sees Steph celebrating with Libby and he vows to sue for damages.

Harry convinces Toadie not to turn him into the police, but Toadie is adamant he must still face the consequences. Kate is furious at her brother for acting out again, while Toadie feels Harry should repay Steph with household chores. Harry vents his anger at the injustice of kids losing their mothers, but Steph makes him see things from her point of view by expressing her remorse.

Karl is annoying pregnant Susan by being over-protective. When she realises it’s because he feels lost without a job, she unveils a plan to install him as the new Erinsborough News medical advice columnist.

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