Declan lets his fists talk to Adam!

Adam just keeps walking into fists, doesn’t he? And yet he never seems to get any sense knocked into him… A few weeks ago it was Cain’s knuckles cracking Adam’s face, for coldly telling him he was glad Moira lost his baby. This time it’s Declan giving him a thump for sleeping with Katie. Maybe Moira should buy Adam some boxing lessons for his next birthday… Who’s going to want to smack Adam next? Probably Andy… That’s because Katie is staying with Andy and that’s where Declan found her with Adam. And after decking Adam, Declan turns on Andy.

Andy’s already fighting with Debbie. He’s not hitting her (he hasn’t become that Andy again) – this is a war of words because Andy won’t tell Debbie where their children are. All Debbie knows is that Diane has got them. Furious and frustrated, Debbie tells Andy he’s going to pay for doing this to her. So that’s Declan and Debbie gunning for Andy…

David has to be very careful with his words when he palms Nikhil off on Pollard and Val. He wants Nikhil out of his shop, but he doesn’t want to hurt his feelings or put off Val and Pollard. So Nikhil, the man in search of a new career, ends up at the B&B… which Val and Pollard want to sell.