Declan makes a shock discovery

Following Rebecca’s sudden departure, things are tense in the Robinson house. When Michael approaches Declan in Harold’s and asks if Rebecca is OK, Declan becomes suspicious and goes home to look for clues to what’s really going on. Back home he is shocked to discover that they have been sleeping in separate beds. When Paul comes home to find Declan packing a suitcase of Rebecca’s things, Declan tells him he’ll make sure Paul never sees Rebecca again.

However, Paul threatens to tell the police that Rebecca pushed him off the balcony and Declan has no choice but to do what Paul wants. However, following a conversation with Michael, Declan tells Paul he won’t be seeing any of them again, but he’ll be hearing from their lawyers. Paul gets straight on the phone to the police.

It’s the day that Sonya moves in with Toadie, but when they realise they have two of everything in the kitchen they have a big clear out. However, Sonya is struggling to throw her belongings away and admits she is worried that if things don’t work out between them then she is left with nothing. Toadie reassures her and they decide to throw everything away and start from scratch, together.

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