*Hour-long episode*

Declan’s got his land and he can’t stop looking at it. As far as he’s concerned, he’s looking at a map of buried treasure: ground that will make him a fortune. But that’s not what Cameron sees in the map… To Cameron, X marks the spot where he buried Alex and now he’s panicking. He has to get Alex’s body out of those woods before Declan starts digging them up. That’s easier said than done, though… Cameron’s all tooled up and ready to do some body-snatching when Chas appears. She’s feeling the need for some loving and wants an early night!

Amy’s lips are no longer sealed about her kiss with Andy. She has to get Kerry away from him – if only to protect his kids – so she tells Kerry about kissing Andy. Kerry’s supposed to dump Andy on the spot, but Kerry never does what she’s supposed to do. Instead, Kerry reckons Amy tried it on with Andy because she’s jealous! There’s a tiny bit of truth in that as Amy does fancy Andy. But Kerry insists she and Andy are solid – yeah, solid as the soup she’d be in if Andy knew she’d left his kids home alone.

Rhona’s been left home alone a lot because of her bad back, which is how she’s gone through her prescription painkillers as if they were chocolate buttons! Now she needs drugs and is more than a bit tetchy when she can’t get any…