Declan arrives home from his ‘romantic’ night away and realising how much he missed India, decides to go back to school part-time and work night shifts at Lassiters in order to support his daughter. But while Declan’s running himself ragged, India smiles for the first time.

When Declan learns of India’s first smile from Susan he realises his priorities are all wrong and decides to cancel school and quit his job. Rebecca tells him he can’t be with India 24 hours a day and that he needs his education. Then he gets advice from Bridget which changes everything.

When Harry sees further signs of Zeke’s obsessive compulsive behaviour, he becomes convinced there’s something seriously wrong and seeks advice from Karl, anonymously through his column. Karl reads it at home, in front of Susan and Zeke, unaware that the subject of the email is Zeke.

Tired of all the rules and restrictions about looking after a guide dog puppy, Callum challenges Toadie’s authority and brings home a new dog, Bullwinkle. Susan tells Toadie that kids needs boundaries rather than a friend. But Toadie thinks he knows better and gives Callum the freedom to make his own choices, hoping he’ll learn from his own mistakes. Will giving Callum no boundaries really be the answer to Toadie’s problems?

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