Seeing his mum and Michael talking in the street, Declan warns Rebecca to end things with Michael or Paul will destroy all of them. She takes his advice and goes to see Michael but can’t go through with it and when Declan questions her, she tells him she’s not giving up the one thing that makes her happy.

Later, Paul nearly catches Rebecca and Michael in her car, but Declan provides a distraction preventing them from getting caught out. Understanding that his mum needs Michael, he shows his support and hands her Paul’s schedules for the next two weeks. Rebecca isn’t sure if it’s the right thing to do, but Declan encourages her to take them.

Sonya is pleased when Toadie and Callum return but when she sees that Jade hasn’t left Ramsay Street, she panics. Sonya tries to stop Jade from meeting Toadie and Callum but she can’t put her off any longer. Things take a strange turn when Jade is introduced to the boys and she suddenly runs out of the house.

When things calm down, Jade joins Sonya, Toadie and Callum for a game of pool but Jade’s constant questions stresses Sonya out. Jade tells her sister that she can’t continue lying to them and that if she won’t tell Callum he’s Sonya’s son, then Jade will.

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