Declan plays games with Katie (VIDEO)

*Episode One*

Declan’s dodged a bullet and he’s opening his glamping site – buried body and all. But he doesn’t want Katie pitching up and causing trouble so he puts pit bull Nicola on her as a guard. Nicola’s not happy and neither is Katie. Once again, Declan is getting his own way. But Declan’s not happy, either, not deep down. It’s hard to feel victorious when what he’s done has cost him his marriage. He puts on a brave front, though and then has the monumentally stupid idea of flirting with a couple of promotional glamping girls to make Katie jealous…

Debbie’s even more stupid idea is to do a runner with Sarah and Jack because Andy’s going for full custody. What Debbie needs is someone to talk some sense into her – and it’s Cameron who steps in and makes a passionate plea for her to stay…  there’s even a kiss in it! Yes, really! That’s a shock! Debbie backs off from Cameron and tells him she doesn’t want him messing with her head. But it’s too late for that, he’s already in there.

Edna’s shocked when Sandy tells her he wants to go to church with her… Well, if there’s communion then there’s wine – and Sandy likes a drink.