Declan proclaims his music festival a hit (VIDEO)

So, the band that rocked Declan’s music festival was The Proclaimers, still marching through gigs with their 1988 hit I’m Gonna Be. Katie and Declan get up on stage to introduce the band, but what’s even sweeter music to their ears is that a client of Katie’s has complained about the noise from the festival, saying it’s disturbing the horses (and that’s why they all have long faces). Why is that good news? It’s all part of Katie and Declan’s cunning plan to kick Megan into touch without a penny to show for all her hard work – all she’ll have is Robbie. Poor consolation, that.

There’s no consoling Jimmy when he sees just how ruthless Carl can be… There’s a For Sale sign outside Carl’s house – the house where Jimmy, Nicola and Angelica live, too. Jimmy challenges Carl, but his brother tells him he doesn’t care about Jimmy or his family and Carl’s lack of compassion hits Jimmy like a slap in the face.

Slapper Kerry tags along to the music festival with Amy, Victoria and Adam, promising Amy that she has her medication with her… Yeah, that and a bottle of vodka, which a steward finds and confiscates. But Kerry’s not bothered – she has more.

*Second episode*

Carl has already thrown Nicola and Jimmy out of Mill Cottage once, so they shouldn’t be shocked when he does it again, but they are. Carl tells Jimmy it’s about time he stood on his own two feet. He has a point. Jimmy’s 47 years’ old and doesn’t have a home to call his own. So it’s back to Rodney’s with a fuming Nicola and little Angelica. But Jimmy has a plan to raise money. He’s going to sell his share of Emmerdale Haulage to Charity and see how Carl likes that. Jimmy doesn’t know Carl has already sold his share of the business to Charity…

Nobody knows that Chas’s worries and weird behaviour are the result of Carl blackmailing her – nobody except Cameron and Carl. Cameron’s not going to tell anyone and neither will Carl if he gets Chas back. Meanwhile, there’s a wedding machine in motion that Chas can’t stop: Katie. She’s steaming ahead with plans for a double do – her and Declan and Chas and Dan – but Chas wonders if Carl will actually let her make it up the aisle.

Many people wondered if Declan’s music festival would be a success and now they know: it is (although the flat cap worn by Declan is not). Megan and Robbie look forward to leaving for London – and Declan and Katie look forward to being rid of them.