Declan proposes to Charity!

*First episode*

Having found out that Charity plans to have a termination, Declan hopes he will be able to change her mind. As he desperately tries to persuade Charity to keep their baby, Declan finds himself proposing to her! As he continues to put forward his case, Charity becomes increasingly frustrated and throws him out.

As Val continues to go out of her way to make Pollard jealous, it seems her efforts are working. Behind closed doors, however, things are very different between Val and Ian. When Val tells Victoria that she doesn’t really enjoy spending time with Ian, she decides to end their relationship. But when it comes to the crunch, will she go through with it?

With Cain and Moira putting wedding plans on hold, it seems everyone – apart from the couple themselves – think the big day should still go ahead as planned. But when wedding planner Chas asks James to help, he says he wants to steer well clear.