Declan stubbornly pushes forward with the court case against Steph, even after Rebecca tells him that she will not support him. Concerned about the dark place their friend seems to be going to, the teens try to snap him out of it. Zeke warns Declan he’s alienating everyone, but Donna insists on friendly support and organises an afternoon of fun. But just as it seems they may have made a breakthrough, Ringo’s ambulance tale reminds Declan of Bridget’s loss and he insists his friends choose sides between him and Steph. The teens reject his ultimatum and Declan throws them out of the house.

Steph’s rattled when Tim Collins threatens to expose every little secret she has in the upcoming court case. Toadie shrugs it off as idle threats, but Steph admits that she was distracted by her flirtation with Lucas. Can Toadie find a way to keep this information from coming out in court?

When Karl realises that Ringo is serious about becoming a paramedic, he organises for him to go on a ride-along in an ambulance. When Ringo proves that he can handle the pressure, he is rewarded with further volunteer work. Everyone is proud of Ringo’s achievements, especially himself.

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