Declan rejects Paul’s offer

Paul comes to Declan with an offer to do a profile piece for the newspaper on him, as an up and coming football star! It would be good for his career. When Declan finds out that Rebecca broke up with Andrew Simpson because Paul threatened to ruin his reputation, he tells Paul to stuff his article and refuses to have anything to do with him.

Karl continues to put up posters in an attempt to find Zeke. Susan wants Karl to see a counsellor to get through his grief, however he refuses saying Zeke is alive and he’s not going to give up hope. However the police dash all his hope when they find the guy who has been accessing Zeke’s account, and it’s not Zeke!

Kelly keeps getting ‘impressions’ that Zeke’s alive and tells Elle and Sam about her sixth sense. Elle suggests that she tell Karl about her feelings and Kelly goes to see him. When she tells him about her ‘sense’ Karl falls apart, accusing her of being a crack-pot preying on vulnerable people for kicks.

Miranda realises how tough it must be for Rebecca to live alone and invites her to move in with them. Will Steve accept his new house guest?

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