Declan’s arrested and charged with murder!

*First episode*

Rumours that the festival is cancelled are doing the rounds. At the office on Home Farm, the staff try to remain calm. But the mood is shattered as the police arrive and arrest Declan for perverting the course of justice. At the station, as they question him, Katie’s disappearance is the hot topic. Before long, the accusations take on a dark twist as the entrepreneur is charged with murder!

Having found out his wife’s Pilates class doesn’t actually exist, Paddy is sick with suspicion. Finding Rhona in the Woolie, Paddy corners her and is left flummoxed as she rushes off to the loos. Vanessa follows and urges Rhona to come clean about their ‘relationship’.

Knowing Chas’s heart has been broken, Dan offers his ex support and a hug. But Kerry witnesses the tender moment and isn’t best pleased.