Declan saves drowning Bridget

Having decided to apologise to Bridget, Declan turns up at No 30 in the nick of time to save his drowning friend. They almost share a kiss again, but Bridget’s embarrassment gets the better of her and she pushes Declan away, leaving him more confused than ever.

Jealous of Elle’s supposed romantic interest in Riley, Oliver lets his emotions take over during the half-marathon. When Riley trips over Oliver at a drinks station, he refuses to believe it was an accident and chases him all the way to the finish line.

Karl defends Rachel after Miranda lays into her for taking Bridget for an unsupervised swim. His anger takes over and he demands an end to the relentless persecution of his family. But Karl’s words have little impact on unforgiving Miranda.

Frazer reminds Ringo that he is grounded and therefore banned from competing in the half-marathon. Having trained really hard, troubled Ringo enters the competition anyway.

Also, Harold is mortified when Lou employs some underhanded race tactics in order to outdo Valda. Not only does it not work, but Valda also bets that the cheats still won’t be able to beat her to the finish line.