Declan remains determined to sue Steph and so hires Tim Collins to help him win his case. But the campaign hits a hurdle when Declan finds out how much Tim Collins is going to charge him. Desperate, Declan goes to Paul and asks him to fund his case. Aware that Rebecca disapproves, Paul is torn between helping Declan and keeping Rebecca happy. However, when Paull sees the depths of Declan’s pain, he secretly agrees to come to his aid and funds the lawsuit.

The teens attend a school careers advice session and Ringo reveals his new ambition to become a paramedic. But he is soon disheartened when Libby points out that he may not have the marks that he needs to do it. The other teens encourage him to go for it, but Ringo later overhears Donna voicing her own doubts. Tempers flare as Ringo accuses Donna of thinking that he is dumb – just like everyone else.

Meanwhile, Zeke can’t make a decision about his own future. Despite sound advice from Libby and Karl, Zeke’s anxiety secretly continues to grow. Is the pressure finally becoming too much?

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