Declan stands up for Robbie (VIDEO)

So, it turns out that the girl Declan met at Robbie’s house wasn’t Robbie’s girlfriend. Or, to put it another way, she’s not just Robbie’s girlfriend. Declan’s back at Robbie’s place when his landlord turns up and wants to know why Robbie has been seeing a lot of his girlfriend. Declan steps in to stop Robbie getting thumped, but he can’t stop the landlord throwing Robbie out. The lad has 24 hours to find somewhere else to live. Still, Robbie has Declan on his side and it’s clear he’s starting to like him. Megan knows nothing of their bonding, though, and Katie warns Declan that she might not be as pleased as Declan is about it.

Zak isn’t pleased to have visitors. Lisa, Belle and Sam turn up at the hospital to see him and things start off well enough. But Zak soon turns on them, convinced they’ve been talking about him behind his back. They’re shocked by the evidence of Zak’s mental breakdown and Lisa’s devastated when Zak says he doesn’t want any more visitors.

Ashley doesn’t want anyone to see him at his new job – in a burger bar. Should a man with such a short fuse really be working with sharp instruments? His new employer could be playing with fire and not even realise it…