Declan strikes again!

Desperate for investment to save Home Farm from going under, Declan and Megan throw a ‘Vegas night’ hoping to impress potential investors. Still banking on Gil’s money, Declan bets his entire property portfolio in exchange for his investment. Horrified at her brother’s bravado, Megan steps in and calls it off. Declan fumes and once their guests have left he violently strikes her again, leaving Katie and Robbie utterly shocked.

There’s trouble in love for Cain and Moira. Still stewing over Charity’s fumbled pass at her man, the farmer warns her to stay away. Cain’s grumpy because he feels he’ll never match up to Moira’s late husband John. Fed up with the constant arguments, the mechanic says he’s going abroad for work so they can have some space.

While Val and Kerry continue to outdo each other, the B&B owner is left feeling smug when a postcard from Amy arrives. Sadly, there’s no forwarding address for the teen, who left the country after almost abducting the son she gave up for adoption.