Though Bridget and India have been found, the battle is not over yet as Bridget is badly injured and has to undergo emergency surgery. Declan finds himself unable to handle the stress of the situation and tries to escape into his own world, away from the horrors of his reality. However, Zeke is determined to stand by his friend and decides to go looking for him. When he finds Declan he convinces him that he should to be there for Bridget when she wakes up from her operation. Thanks to Zeke, Declan makes it back just in time.

When Bridget comes around, it is clear to her that she is not out of the woods yet, and she keeps looking at the clock after having a dark premonition about her own mortality. As the clock ticks by, the rest of her loved ones are relieved that Bridget is okay and life seems like it may go back to normal after all.

However, the worst is yet to come and Bridget’s condition rapidly deteriorates and she passes away. Ramsay Street rallies around Declan and the Parkers offering moral support but everyone has suffered a terrible loss that some, particularly Declan, may never recover from.

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