Declan supports Toadie’s plan

Declan asks Toadie if he’s got anything to do with Paul selling PirateNet, so Toadie explains that everything is in Rebecca’s name which means she takes the rap whether she knew about Paul’s dealings or not. Declan soon realises that if PirateNet is sold then Rebecca’s in the clear if Paul goes down and Toadie suggests he encourages Rebecca to sell.

Meanwhile, having caused a stir in Charlie’s by signing her Lassiter’s posters, Tash realises she has the perfect opportunity to wind Andrew up. She accepts a date with Kyle, commenting that she is over dating little boys!

Paul tells Toadie that he wants PirateNet sold ASAP now that Rebecca’s given her approval… then they can go after Diana. Toadie agrees to Paul’s demands. However, PirateNet listeners are not happy that their beloved radio station is about to close and Rebecca starts to feel guilty. Declan comes over to warm Toadie that there is trouble brewing – Rebecca’s being talked into not selling the station.

Toadie reminds him that Rebecca has to cut all business ties with Paul and he fully understands that but adds that Rebecca is now feeling guilty thinking that she’s letting everyone down. Declan wants him to do something but Toadie tries to explain that his hands are tied and that its down to him – he’s going to have to stop her.

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