While the villagers search for Katie, Declan searches his soul. Is all of this his fault? Would Katie be lost down a mine now if he had thrown Robbie out when Katie asked him to months ago? That’s what they were arguing about when Katie roared off angrily on her quad bike and fell down the mine shaft. So this is all Robbie’s fault? No. Declan blames himself and won’t open up to anyone. He’s thrown Megan out (again) and Nikhil tells her she’s not alone; Declan won’t talk to him, either. Nikhil wants to talk to Megan, though. He wants to know if she still wants revenge for the way Declan and Katie cheated her out of her share of the proceeds from the music festival. And Nikhil’s not the only one who wants that question answered…

Edna’s got questions for Charity when she discovers errors in some paperwork. But they’re not errors. Charity admits that she is allowing drivers to work over their legal hours – and then deletes the evidence from Edna’s computer. Disgusted, Edna resigns – something she can’t afford to do, but she does it anyway.

At The Woolpack, Diane finds the card Kerry wrote for Kyle from Amy… Uh-oh.

*Second episode*

Declan is still beating himself up over Katie’s tragic accident. If only… If only he hadn’t called on Megan for help with the music festival (but then it wouldn’t have been a success without her); if only he hadn’t reunited Megan with her scheming little boy, Robbie; if only he hadn’t argued with Katie about rotten Robbie; if only he’d just stormed upstairs instead of outside, where the mine shaft was just waiting to swallow Katie up; if only Katie would rise from the mine shaft and tell Declan all is forgiven. Trouble is, that’s not looking likely.

What’s also not looking likely is Cain turning up for a date in the pub with Moira. Oh, Cain wants to see Moira, he really does. But Debbie needs him at the hospital and he can’t put Moira before his daughter. So Cain goes to the hospital while Moira sits in the pub, waiting for him. She doesn’t wait long, though and goes home angry because she doesn’t know what Cain’s doing.

Edna’s been a good worker for Jimmy, but she can’t work with Charity. She’s going to need charity soon, though, unless she finds another job.