Declan tries to escape

Nick and Laura move their hostage Declan to a caravan in the middle of nowhere. Desperate to get away from his captors, Declan tries to use Laura’s growing sense of guilt to his advantage and nearly manages to make a call home. But his daring attempt to escape prompts Nick to contact Oliver with his demands.

Meanwhile, against Rebecca and Oliver’s wishes, Paul contacts the police. Special agents trace the call and try to reassure Declan’s distraught family that they know what they’re doing.

Steve refuses to accept that he may lose seriously ill Bridget, while Miranda prays for a miracle. She begs Steve to face reality but he insists they have to stay positive. Elsewhere, after advice from Elle, Riley takes some practical steps to help Bridget wake up. He decorates her hospital room, and even smuggles in baby kangaroo Pouch. Sadly his efforts fail to rouse his sister and he breaks down. Later, comatose Bridget suffers a seizure.

Susan struggles in the aftermath of the accident, and looks forward to going back to work to take her mind off things. But she is stunned to discover that her first class has been taken over by a counsellor, despatched by the education department to help Bridget’s classmates.