As Kate braces herself for her date with Kyle, Declan tries to persuade her to call it off. But Declan’s interference only makes Kate more determined to go. Date night arrives and Declan goes home, intent on letting Kate live her life. Kate considers canceling the date, but later decides to go. When she meets Kyle she soon finds that she actually enjoys his company.

However, Declan has a change of heart and decides to interfere, thinking Kate will want him to bail her out of the date. When Declan arrives at Charlie’s he finds a completely different scene to the one he expected; Kate and Kyle engaged in a rather close game of pool! And his reaction is anything but acceptable!

Determined to continue engaging Paul in competitive games, Lyn decides to host a singles cooking class at Harold’s, to compete with Rebecca’s ‘mixology’ night. Rebecca, tired of battling Lyn, takes the high road by ignoring her and asks Paul to do the same.

However, Paul completely takes the bait and wagers a bet with Lyn, which if he loses, means he has to take her to an expensive restaurant for dinner! What will happen if Rebecca finds out that Paul could be taking Lyn out on a date?

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