Declan shows Steve and Miranda that he is determined to stand by Bridget and their baby, telling them he’s made a promise to Bridget. To prove to Bridget that he’ll never leave her again, Declan makes a make-shift wedding ring out of a can ring-pull and asks Bridget to marry him.

Ty struggles with his injured wrist. He finishes his course of painkillers and tries to persuade Karl to give him more. When Karl refuses, Ty helps himself to his doctor’s bag and steals the painkillers instead. Karl goes head to head with Zeke over his irresponsible behaviour of late, buying the dodgy car and stealing his to retrieve Declan.

Zeke sticks up for himself telling Karl what he did was a good deed, not a bad one, in helping two friends. Zeke makes a statement to his case by not turning up to a family dinner.

Libby tries to hide her discomfort at the thought of becoming Mrs Fitzgerald. It all comes to a head at a family dinner where Libby and Dan side off about what’s in a name. When Lennie the Pig shows up outside, causing havoc in the street, he is found by Harold, who has returned to Erinsborough after his trip away.

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