Declan won’t give up on Robbie

Declan goes to Robbie’s house and gets an ice-cold welcome. Robbie has said all he has to say and has returned to the life he had before Megan turned up. But Declan hasn’t had his say. Robbie is his nephew and he can’t ignore that – even though Katie thinks it might be better for everyone if he did. Declan tells Robbie that he pushed Megan to make contact with him and that he understands feelings of loss because he lost Mia. But a girl interrupts them and Declan is forced to leave.

Lisa has had no choice, but to leave Zak in the care of the hospital and she has stayed away while he battles his demons. But now Zak has agreed that she can visit with Belle. Great news! Except Lisa’s worried about how Belle will react to seeing her broken father.

Megan’s not broken by Robbie’s rejection, but she is a bit bruised by it. She needs someone to make her feel better and decides that someone is Carl. Really? Carl King? Lying, cheating, self-satisfied snake Carl King? Yes. Megan tells him about Robbie and then falls into his arms.