Declan’s armed and dangerous, Jai!

So, what would you do with the best friend who turns out to be the father of the girl you thought was your daughter? That’s Declan’s dilemma – and it looks like he’s going to solve it with a gun! Declan asks Jai to go clay pigeon shooting with him and Jai sees no reason not to; this is what country gents do, after all. Declan’s a good shot and Jai’s impressed, but he gets nervous when talk turns to Ella. Jai realises Declan’s not only armed with a gun but also with the knowledge that Jai had a fling with Ella. Then Declan takes aim and fires – hitting Jai with the bombshell that Mia is his daughter!

Jai hits Charity with a shock of his own… He takes back the car he bought her and gives it to Gennie. Dumped and humiliated!

Amy’s down in the dumps, too – and no wonder. “Messing up’s what I do best, man, everybody knows that,” she said recently – and she’s messed up big time. She’s pregnant with Cain’s child and has disappointed Val and Pollard so often she can’t bring herself to tell them. Desperate and unhappy, Amy decides to have the abortion Cain thinks she’s already had.