Declan’s generosity leaves Katie cold

At Home Farm, Katie’s getting her stuff together when she overhears Declan trying to appear kind and generous as he offers Alicia free tickets to the festival. His act doesn’t wash with the stable owner, who’s disgusted by her estranged husband’s ability to be able to ‘forget’ he’s got a dead body buried on his land.

Rhona’s left speechless when Paddy tells her he’s booked a trip to Whitby to save their marriage. In a druggy fog, she can’t think of a good excuse and is forced to agree to the getaway. But when Vanessa hears about it, she vows to pack up and go while the couple are away, leaving Rhona shaken.

Realising Laurel’s at her wits’ end, Dan reluctantly gives her a list of garages where Cain could have bought her stolen car. Overhearing Marlon talking about her, a hurt Laurel misinterprets her boyfriend’s words and becomes even more determined to track her attacker down once and for all. Heading out in her car to chase up the leads Dan gave her, Laurel’s heart flips in fear when she hears a voice, which sounds chillingly familiar. Convinced she’s found her man, she tails him to his flat…