When Andrew steals Declan’s idea and pitches it to Paul as his own, war breaks out between the two boys. Much to Rebecca’s annoyance, Paul washes his hands of the bad feeling between them, declaring that the boys can sort out their own problems themselves. But left unchecked, the boys’ rivalry escalates.

When Paul realises he has no choice but to intervene, he calls a house meeting and asks Declan to apologise to Andrew. However, Declan has no intention of apologising and refuses. Rebecca is appalled at Paul’s blatant favouritism towards his own son and when she starts to defend Declan, he asks her not to fight his battles. Declan then makes an announcement claiming he would rather pack his bags and move out than apologise to Andrew.

Fearing Summer only sees him as a friend, Harry’s hope is renewed when she says she believes that love can grow out of friendship. Harry continues to string Renee along in order to spend more time with their mutual friend, Summer. However, when Kate discovers what he is doing she demands that Harry comes clean. Will breaking up with Renee make Summer hate him?

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