Dan believes the bottle in his locker isn’t Declan’s but urges him to give the culprit up. Knowing how much trouble it will mean for Harry, Declan pretends he doesn’t know who framed him. However, when Harry overhears just how much trouble Declan is likely to get into, he realises he’s made a terrible mistake.

He apologises and promises to make things right but while he’s figuring out what to do, Dan warns Declan he’ll have to cancel the Deb unless the smuggler is found. To protect his friends’ special night, Declan returns to Dan and claims the bottle was his all along. However, he’s too late. Harry has already confessed.

Kate is reluctant to go to the Deb and face Jason Coleman again. However, Amanda continues to make things worse and starts spreading nasty rumours about Donna. When Harry breaks his bad news, Kate is furious with him for putting their family at risk of being split up.

Lyn’s having trouble with the wiring at Harold’s Store but refuses to admit she needs Lou’s help. With Kate’s assistance she manages to figure out a few tricks to stop the circuits overloading… but has she solved the problem?

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