Desperate to get Katie out of the mine shaft, Declan’s run to Butler’s Farm and told Moira to call the emergency services. While they’re waiting for the experts, though, Declan thinks they can get Katie out using Moira’s tractor and some rope. Do you think it works? Of course it doesn’t! The weight of the tractor causes the mine shaft to cave in and there’s a deadly silence. What has Declan done?! He’s made things a lot worse, that’s what he’s done! He can’t see Katie and he can’t hear her. She’s alive, though – but the rescue services may not be able to save her.

Paddy may not be able to save face with Brett the vet after he hears Paddy mocking him. In fact, he makes matters worse… Brett, Rhona and Paddy find out that Edna’s Tootsie has cancer and Brett wants to be the one to tell Edna. But, selfishly, Paddy does it… And he’s pushed Brett too far. Brett quits – so Rhona tells Paddy he has to convince Brett to stay.

Bernice is determined to stay in Emmerdale and is turning on the charm behind the bar at The Woolpack. But her charms have no effect on Ashley or Laurel.