Declan’s starting to lose it

With Home Farm in serious freefall, Declan’s losing it. The stress is really starting to get to him. Away from her brother’s ears, Megan calls Gil and turns down his job offer while trying to big up the investment opportunities at Home Farm. Later, she nervously tells Declan how Gil has decided against buying his Emmerdale properties, and reels at her seething sibling’s furious reaction.

In the aftermath of the attack on Butler’s, Moira needs help and heads off to visit her brother-in-law James who’s also in the business. It’s been a while and she’s shocked to see how run down his farm has got. Meanwhile, Cain hasn’t got a clue where his fiancée has got to. On Moira’s return, a row turns really nasty as she learns about Charity’s clumsy attempt at a kiss. Questioning whether she can truly trust the mechanic, their relationship hangs in the balance.

Ross wants to make up with his cousin but Adam’s still way too angry. Knowing Ross is jealous about Katie’s attentions, the young farmer puts the boot in, branding him a homeless loser.