Dee finds Michael and presents him with her father’s cufflinks, telling him she’d be flattered if he’d wear them to the awards ceremony. Michael feels terrible. Putting aside his guilt, he decides to attend the event.

Sarah apologises to the nurse and rushes out of the clinic with Kylie. Meanwhile, David’s annoyed with Kylie for doing a runner from the school play. However when Sarah explains she’s pregnant with Callum’s baby, David is stunned. As Kylie assures her she’s got their support, David’s horrified and a row breaks out.

Robert’s perturbed when he finds out from Carla that her brother Rob has been in touch with Johnny. Robert tells Tracy what’s transpired…

When Erica and Anna arrive at a wine bar for Singles Night, they’re taken aback to find Kevin there too. As Kevin and Anna compare notes, it’s clear there’s a spark between them.