Deirdre confronts Tracy on the night before the trial and is determined to find out what really happened between her and Charlie. But years of resentment between mother and daughter come to a head as Deirdre tells Tracy a few home truths and the relationship between them reaches boiling point. Deirdre tells Tracy that she’s prepared to lie for her in court to save her from prison – but only if she opens up to her. Tracy is at breaking point and agrees to tell Deirdre everything…

Tracy reveals all the events that led up to Charlie’s death, from burning herself with an iron to deliberately locking herself in her room, in her plot to frame Charlie for abuse. But she insists that Charlie was abusing her emotionally and deserved all he got.

Deirdre is horrified to realise the true extent of Tracy’s lies and the suggestion that she killed Charlie in cold blood. Deirdre debates whether she really can go through with lying for Tracy in court and a vicious Tracy tells her that if she doesn’t support her, she’ll be responsible for ruining her own daughter’s life.