The Barlows have planned a welcome home party for Blanche, but when she doesn’t show at the airport they start to worry. Getting hold of her friend in Portugal, Ken’s stunned to hear that Blanche has died. Shaken, Ken breaks the sad news to Deirdre.

When Mary ‘accidentally’ stands on Norris’s glasses he’s left virtually crippled and blind. As she pushes him about her proposal he’s desperate to escape. Norris begins to worry that Mary could be poisoning him and when he hears her talking to her dead mother he decides she’s absolutely flipped!

Graeme visits Tina with food, but she’s still refusing to face the world. Meanwhile, Jason gets a call asking him to show some potential buyers around the flat…

Elsewhere, Becky and Steve worry about their suitability as adoptive parents when they’re given a date for their meeting with the social worker.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

As Ken tells Deirdre that Blanche has died, Deirdre wants details – but all Ken knows is that Blanche died that morning in her sleep. Later, May arrives to reveal that Blanche had fallen in love and was coming home to tell her family when she died of a heart attack. Needing to piece things together for herself, Deirdre heads with Ken to the airport, bound for Portugal. Meanwhile, Peter breaks the news to Simon, as Steve wonders how to tell Amy.

Terrified that he’s locked up with a mad woman, Norris gets to the phone in Mary’s room and calls 999, saying he’s being held captive. As he heads outside, Mary chases after him and the police arrive to hear Norris accusing Mary of trying to kill him – and killing her mother. As Mary’s hauled in for questioning, Rita arrives to collect Norris, who hopes that’s the last he’ll see of Mary.

Jason’s annoyed when his keys don’t work at the flat and he can’t show the viewers around. Spotting Graeme coming out, Jason confronts him but he fobs him off claiming Tina’s away and he’s just checking up.

Elsewhere, Ashley and Steve plan to buy two of Trev’s spare World Cup tickets, but all agree to keep it quiet from the women in their lives when Trev says they will have to find two more people and buy all four.

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