Deirdre is oblivious as Peter makes snide digs at Ken about his affair with Martha. Ken can’t live with the guilt and hands over his Dear Deirdre letter. Ken explains to a stunned Deirdre that he chose her over Martha because he loves her. Deirdre is bitter rather than angry and storms out. Later, when Ken wants to talk things through Deirdre refuses to discuss it and insists they put it behind them. Meanwhile, Blanche has read the letter, too…

Jason visits Colin in hospital and despite all that Colin’s done Jason feels sorry for him. Colin asks Jason to do his best to get Eileen to visit him. Jason tries to make Eileen see that Colin is just an ill and lonely old man and that it’s time to forgive him for the terrible things he’s done in the past, but Eileen stubbornly refuses to have anything to do with him.

Molly tells Tyrone that she wants to get more involved in the garage business. Tyrone is stumped when Molly tells him they should consider advertising and changing the name to Dobbs & Webster.

Also, David involves Graeme in his plan to set up Gary by making him think that he’s a burglar.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Paula calls round to see Julie and they have a heart-to-heart. Paula apologises for not telling Julie who her real dad was for so many years. Meanwhile, Eileen gives in and visits Colin in hospital and is upset to see him so frail. Colin is so grateful to see her that he’s moved to tears. Colin is sad when Eileen reveals that despite the visit she can’t forgive him.

Blanche is disgusted with Ken and when Deirdre refuses to chuck him out she announces that she’ll leave instead. Ken thanks Deirdre for giving him another chance, but Deirdre is emotionally exhausted and points out that maybe she’s just as spineless as him. Meanwhile, Peter has talked Michelle into coming round for dinner and he’s gutted when they’re interrupted by Blanche, who announces that she’s moving in!

Tara gives Dev a final chance to come clean about sleeping with Lisa, but Dev is oblivious to Tara’s fishing and swears he’s been faithful and Tara resolves to get her revenge. Amber is excited when Dev tells her that he plans to propose to Tara at her art installation event as a public declaration of his love.

Also, David and Graeme discuss a fictitious burglary within Gary’s earshot.

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