Deirdre sees a video nasty!

David Platt corners Tracy and demands to know when she’s going to sort out another meeting. Deirdre spots them in close cahoots and decides to see the evidence Sarah was shouting about for herself. She gets the tape from Jason and is disgusted to witness Tracy and David kissing.

She confronts Tracy who swears it is because they have bonded over recent traumatic events and she’s just trying to help him. She pleads with her mum to destroy the CCTV footage and reluctantly Deirdre does so.

After the incident with Ryan, Sean is adamant he’ll have no more to do with Sonny but the multi-millionaire charmer refuses to be so easily put off. Can he win him round? The smart money has to be on yes!

Paul is still in a filthy mood after Ryan’s joyriding incident and refuses to apologise. Liam tries to calm him down and Carla is intrigued by the brothers’ secrecy. What are they hiding?

Wheeler-dealer Leanne is full of talk of property investments and promises Dev some brochures on Spanish villas.